HCC ReClaim™

HCC ReClaim™ is Designed to Diagnose HCC Risk Acuity Through…

  • Useful analytics that target on multiple levels: the practice level, provider level, and patient Level.
  • Precise identification of practices, providers, and patients with low RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) Scores and missing HCCs.
  • Precise identification of Top Population Chronic Diseases by ACO, practice, provider, and patient.
  • Identifies high risk / priority patients to close gaps in care impacting RAF Scores.

Benefits of HCC ReClaim™ Training…

  • Our end-to-end solution approach is a differentiator in the marketplace.
  • Group and/or one-on-one training and education with those providers with high percent of missing HCCs.

Results of HCC ReClaim™ Tracking…

  • Calculates maximum financial impact for lost revenue opportunities.
  • Customized reports tailored to your organization’s needs.
  • Increases documented and coded conditions or reveals unreported conditions otherwise missed by traditional methods.
  • Identifies chronic diseases, improving overall patient care and lowering patient risk.

BDA’s Differentiators:

  • By using HCC ReClaim, BDA is able to provide Actionable Information through a business intelligence solution.
  • BDA has subject matter experts that will interpret reports from HCC ReClaim and implement targeted training/education based on findings.
  • BDA is an End-to-End turn-key solution. Bandwidth is an issue with all healthcare systems due to COVID and other factors.
  • HCC ReClaim™ will have a positive impact across all payers.
  • BDA’s education will impact every payer (both on the value-based and fee-for-service side).
  • BDA adds expert HCC coding consultation to an organizations Clinically Integrated Network (CIN).
  • The program will have a positive impact on fee-for-service. Improvement in denials and downcoding due to accurate diagnosis capture/coding.
  • HCC ReClaim™ is designed to increase revenue, not your expenses. A positive ROI will occur.
  • HCC ReClaim™ will provide one usable and easy to understand actionable reporting system.
  • BDA will be your resource for one-on-one or group training.
  • Identification of missing HCCs prompting internal actions to capture yearly gaps in care (example: wellness visits).
  • BDA consolidates your claim data from defined payers and provides all data in an Actionable Format at multiple levels: By Specialty, By Practitioner and By Patient.
  • HCC ReClaim™ calculates and tracks Maximum Financial Impact (MFI) of Missing HCCs throughout the year.

What are you doing to ensure HCC re-capture as well as identifying new HCCs each calendar year?

Start with a Preliminary Analysis!
Before you engage BDA’s services, we’ll review your HCC potential lost revenue opportunities — complimentary and at no obligation to you.

The BDA Preliminary Analysis, or Prelim, helps to identify your lost opportunities for revenue growth.