GPRO Assist™

A message to ACO leaders and executives:

If you’ve chosen to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), you know that it takes focus and diligence to achieve MSSP rewards. A key to receiving this award is meeting the quality performance standards outlined by CMS and reporting metrics for these standards every year.

But what if you could do more with your quality data? What if you could track and monitor it on a quarterly, or even monthly, basis? And what if you could use your quality data to gain insights into your business and to help your organization be more effective?

GPRO AssistTM does just that by helping you manage quality metrics PROactively.

What it is:

GPRO AssistTM is an easy-to-use, cloud based solution for managing the quality metrics required by CMS as part of the MSSP. GPRO AssistTM lets you:

  • Track, monitor and report quality metrics on an ongoing basis – quarterly or even monthly.
  • Validate results, perform gap analyses, and make course corrections as needed.
  • Satisfy CMS annual reporting requirements smoothly and efficiently.
  • As a fully automated solution, GPRO AssistTM helps you handle your quality data easily, intuitively and in ways that are actionable. You can check your data:
  • For your entire organization
  • By practice
  • By provider
  • By individual members

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