Preliminary Analysis

Bill Dunbar and Associates (BDA) strives to set the standard in consultancy for improved accuracy of medical coding and documentation.  As a single solution provider of all outpatient services for hospitals and physician practices, we clearly understand the challenges you face as a healthcare provider. BDA is dedicated to continual process improvement in terms of compliance, as well as improving the level of accuracy of medical coding and documentation.

Identifying Your Best Opportunities

We strongly believe in data driven decision making when evaluating an organization’s processes and outcomes in terms of efficiency and accuracy with regard to compliance and documentation and coding. Ultimately, we identify preventable errors in medical documentation and coding in order to optimize at every level of the revenue cycle.  This achieves the highest level of accuracy in gathering and evaluating all clinical data.

Ours is a SWOT approach. Even before you hire BDA, we’ll review your documentation and coding strengths and weaknesses – and, identify opportunities as well as any threats.

Accuracy of Medical Coding. Free Preliminary Analysis

The BDA Preliminary Analysis, or Prelim, lets us put a laser focus on where you are, where you can be, and whether we can help you achieve your full potential. This report represents a substantial value in terms of research, analysis and insight; the report is free and provided at no obligation to you.

Our typical Prelim Report is packed with 20 to 35+ pages of customized data that reveal your most significant opportunities for net revenue growth. We’ll review these findings with you and offer our recommendations on ways to improve your performance. Your Prelim Report is yours to keep as a “Free Sample” of the impact we can have on your organization. All results are kept strictly confidential.

Remember, the report is yours to keep – FREE – even if you choose not to partner with us. To get our Prelim process started for your organization, just contact BDA.

Still not sure?  Take a moment and watch the video above for more information.  In this time of unprecedented change in the healthcare industry, we want to be your partner in successfully navigating these uncharted waters.