Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the Medical Workplace

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in the Medical Workplace – Joann Quinn, Ph.D. and Sarah Hoffe, MD

Audience: All members of clinical teams (physician, nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, etc.)

Overview: This 6 Chapter introductory course on Emotional Intelligence (E/I) specifically addresses issues unique to the medical profession and workplace. It begins with a broad overview (e.g., What is E/I?  Understanding E/I) and progresses to medical-specific issues dealing with Conflict Management, Communication Styles, and Finding Common Ground. The course material is presenting through a tightly interwoven dialogue between Joann Quinn, Ph.D., and Sarah Hoffe, MD, with Dr. Quinn presenting basic E/I Concepts, which are illustrated through Dr. Hoffe’s real world experience from over 20 years as a practicing physician.

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