Mindful Leadership at Every Level

The course addresses some of the major organizational challenges faced today by educating participants on the following:

  • The path to greater Organizational Health through improved Organizational Awareness.
  • The relationship between stress and Organizational Health.
  • How to measure Organizational Health through productivity and profitability.
  • Avoiding poor choices to cope with life’s challenges.

This 10 Chapter course presents the value of utilizing a Coaching Dialogue (Listen-Learn-Ask-Empower) with team members over the more traditional Directive Style (Hear-Fix-Tell-Solve). The course offers step by step processes for improving one’s skill set as both a team leader and as a team member. The course presents multiple personal applications by Dr. Craig Overmyer told through short stories and real-life examples.

For more information, please contact Nicholas Dann, Managing Director, Dunbar Organizational Health.