How to Prepare for the Match – Dr. David Hormuth

Audience: Medical students beginning their 3rd year of 4th year of medical school

Overview: Upon graduation from medical school, the goal of every new physician is to be selected for an outstanding residency program.  Not only is this a requirement to practice as a physician, but also is the best way to gain more experience in their chosen specialty; There are thousands of residency programs across the U.S., and the goal of all program directors is to select the most qualified new physicians they feel will be the best fit for their program. This process is known as “The Match” in the healthcare industry. This process is very complex and often confusing, requiring a lot of attention, hard work, and knowledge in order to reach a successful outcome. This 13 Chapter course provides an in-depth examination of the entire match process, along with helpful tips and proven strategies to improve the odds of being selected for the best residency program.

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