BDA InformedCare Solution Suite™

The InformedCare Solution Suite

BDA Health Informatics will help you better understand the populations you serve by delivering understandable, consistent information to all levels of your organization. With our deep expertise and our InformedCare Solution Suite, we will work with you to:

  • Identify the risks and risk drivers for the populations you manage
  • Provide actionable intelligence for better decision-making
  • Simplify the complexity of managing at-risk populations through understandable, consistent information

Here’s a closer look at our InformedCare Solution Suite.

Population Health Risk Profile

Our Population Health Risk Profile uses business intelligence and predictive analytical tools to provide insight into risks and risk drivers for relevant populations.

The Population Health Risk Profile includes two proprietary tools: the Patient Predictive Risk Score (P² Score™) and the Impact and Engagement Index (Ie Index™). These use clinical and financial data to assess patients’ risk for high service utilization and cost as well as their likelihood to engage in appropriate treatment and wellness activities. With this information, you can truly understand your entire patient population so you can make better decisions, allocate resources more effectively, and apply interventions as needed.

What the Population Health Risk Profile does

  • Helps you better understand risk factors that threaten the success of your organization; provides insight into how to proactively address identified problems.
  • Generates user-friendly required and operational reports for your organization’s leadership, primary medical providers, and care managers.
  • Creates individualized and composite risk scoring and engagement potential for members.

Risk Acuity Profile

Documenting patient needs accurately is essential for any risk-bearing healthcare organization. Traditional provider profiling solutions often lead to disagreements around medical necessity. Our solution profiles each provider to ensure the clinical documentation supports decisions on a case by case basis. This facilitates a definitive and less confrontational discussion of patient risk. Our approach allows your organization to focus on the providers with the greatest documentation risk so you can help them manage their programs more effectively.

What the Risk Acuity Profile does:

  • Using best-practice clinical documentation, identifies specific providers and/or practices that create risk exposure for your organization.
  • Identifies problems with clinical documentation that results in understated patient healthcare risk.
  • Identifies services that are not supported as medically necessary by clinical documentation.

Population Environment Profile

A person’s life circumstances affect his or her healthcare behaviors, experiences, and outcomes. Using proprietary algorithms, we help you to identify the life circumstances of your targeted populations down to the household level. We enable you to understand patients’ prospective health risks and service requirements. The result of this intelligence: a more targeted and personal healthcare approach, with greater partnership between you and your patients.

What the Population Environment Profile does

  • Supports care management by:
    • Identifying patient-specific life circumstances that could adversely impact health outcomes.
    • Creating a better understanding of the patient, which can improve the patient’s engagement in managing his/her health.
  • Provides service demand estimates, identifies gaps in care, and identifies opportunities to right-size your provider network by medical specialty.
  • Identifies future growth opportunities within the service area at the consumer level.

Our Suite is completely customizable, and we’ll tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our commitment: Giving you the right information, presented at the right time, in the right amount, in a user friendly way.

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