Why Choose BDA HI?

Why choose BDA Health Informatics?

  1. Better Support – We give more personalized service and support. Our response times, level of personalization, and overall expertise cannot be matched by a regional account executive with a major “big-box” company. How important is your contract to a company with dozens of customers?
  2. Better Software Functionality – Our software system is customized to exceed customers’ expectations. Large software vendors have what is called “broader horizontal functionality,” but this is not what is needed for most business intelligence system. We are absolutely more flexible and accommodating and do not have any levels of bureaucracy that you will need to navigate for changes, updates, etc. Additionally, we are more innovative and will treat this relationship as a way to ensure that you are always being supported with new technology, not the old technology that most “big-box” companies are forced to use because of scalability requirements.
  3. More Transparency – We are an open-book to our customers. You will know nearly everyone on our team, and we will be onsite as much as needed to keep you happy.
  4. Affordability – Our “big box” competition cannot meet our price for a fully customized solution. They just can’t compete with us for the same product and support because of their overhead expense and operating income requirements.

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