How Healthy is Your Organization?

Whether your company is experiencing low employee morale, difficulties motivating team members, communication issues, challenges with hiring and retention, a lack of cohesiveness, or other business inefficiencies, perhaps it’s time to work on your organizational health.

Healthy organizations far outperform their competitors. A recent Gallup study shows that companies in the top quartile for employee engagement outperform organizations in the lowest quartile in categories including:

While it can be easy to recognize that you are experiencing difficulties with organizational health, knowing what to do about it can be another matter entirely. Most business leaders agree that improving the health of their organization is a good idea, but some don’t believe that it will help them accomplish their short-term goals, and others are concerned that it would be too much work.

At Dunbar Organizational Health, we focus on measuring and improving staff engagement to create both immediate and long-term results. Our methodology provides a foundation for maximizing human potential and alignment throughout organizations of any size. Our goal is to help you achieve your company’s greatest potential without taking you away from your most important job—running your business.

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