Organizational Health and Staff Engagement

Organizational Health provides a foundation for maximizing human potential and alignment throughout an organization. There are many factors that can be included in defining Org. Health; cohesiveness, morale, adaptation, staff engagement and communication effectiveness. All things being equal, a healthy organization will outperform an unhealthy organization every time. It stands to reason that a healthy organization will become smarter over time as it continues to grow through innovation, while an unhealthy organization must commit huge resources to the retention, hiring and turnover reduction of key staff to remain competitive.

At Dunbar Organizational Health, our focus on staff engagement serves as a gateway to all other roads that lead to strong organizational health. Engaged staff members find meaning and purpose in their work, and that helps them to routinely do that “little bit of extra” that outperforms the competition. Senior leaders sucked into the drama of daily operations and that tolerate underperforming teams often do not address the actual root cause: disengaged staff members!

Your organizational health can not only be measured, it can be improved and strengthened to become one of your strongest competitive advantages. Contact us to schedule a complimentary climate assessment and to learn more about our live and virtual training program options.


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