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About CIHQ
The Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality is a membership-based organization comprised of over 500 acute care and critical access hospitals across the United States. Member organizations enjoy a comprehensive program of web-based and other support services designed to help them be successful in their accreditation and certification compliance efforts. CIHQ is also recognized as a deeming-authority by CMS for acute care and long-term acute care hospitals. More information available at

CIHQ Accreditation Resource Services – McKinney, Texas

Accreditation Resource Services (ARS) provides comprehensive web-based resources and on-site support services to acute care and critical access hospitals to help them be successful in the CMS survey and certification process, as well as accreditation by deeming agencies. Services include standards interpretation, alerts to changes in regulations, monthly audio conferences, comprehensive resource and reference libraries, staff training and continuing education modules, mock surveys, and more! Hospitals consistently report better survey outcomes, report fewer issues with regulatory agencies, and are highly satisfied with the services provided.

ARS is a division of the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ) – a membership based organization comprised of more than 375 hospitals across the United States. For more information please visit our website:

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NAOHP provides our members with strategic solutions to help them build and enhance successful programs to benefit their clients, employees, and business communities.

NAOHP’s focus remains the core development of occupational health operations, which also includes the specialized fields of business development/marketing, wellness, telemedicine, urgent care, population health, employee health, and more.

It’s simple – at the end of the day, professionals are looking for ideas on how to grow their occupational health business, and stay ahead of their competition. Whether you’re new to this business, or adding occupational health to your menu of services, we will teach you how to market your program, what other services you need to be offering, and provide you and your staff with the necessary tools to develop a successful program!

Here is Where EXPERIENCE Still Counts!

NAOHP’s Premier Sponsors program brings greater value to our association by offering Premier Sponsors that provide opportunities for shared member and vendor interests.

Through our process of vetting our Premier Sponsors, the NAOHP staff conducted a thorough evaluation and analysis of BDA and their services for Healthcare Consulting of Documentation, Coding and Compliance; Informatics and Reporting; and Organizational Leadership Training and Development. All 3 of BDA’s solutions can be virtual and/or on-site. The final approval and endorsement came from a special selection committee comprised of executives from our prestigious NAOHP Board.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Hear first hand how Dunbar Organizational Health is helping shape leaders, create culture alignment and build better organizations using their cutting-edge training platform, coaching tools and a true working partnership.

“They came in, they looked at where we were, they looked at the culture we had in place and what we needed to get done. To me, it was a great experience because it was a partnership.”

Linda Simmons, FACHE Hospital CEO Meet Our Team

“The program was so beneficial for me and my group not only professionally, but to me personally. The entire program starts with taking a close look within. I had to be laser-focused on how and why I communicate the way I do- what triggers certain reactions and how might I be perceived by others.

I now have a greater appreciation for the impact of communication- the why, how and when if you will. I would recommend this program as the tools provided set the foundation for creating a dynamic and trusting culture through understanding yourself and others styles, needs and triggers so that communication can be healthy and productive even through conflict.”

Lorrie Schanz, CIC, AIS, CCMP,
Director of Operations – Indiana
USI Insurance Services

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“At Cobblestone, we believe that the foundation of trust is critical to our long-term success and culture. We found that having In-The-Moment Conversations™ daily helped build trust rather than erode it. I was skeptical at first about the online training since I typically like to meet in-person. But as we started to move forward, we could not get over how well it worked!

The virtual training, coupled with the workbook materials for our leadership to self-facilitate, apply and practice, was integral in helping our team build trust and peer-to-peer accountability. The most important thing for us going forward is that trust element, and it really brought unity to the team by letting everyone’s thoughts be heard.

We have taken everything we learned from the leadership team to our management team, and now out into the field to our trading supplier base. It has really brought the team together and made us stronger!”

Mark Wahl,
Cobblestone Homes

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