Virtual Training (VT)

Microlearning: The Opportunity to Dip Your Toe without Drowning

It’s been said that sometimes the cure can be worse than the illness. That is often the case in the field of training and development. Managers and the teams they lead become aware that the issues they are facing need to be mitigated through additional training; training that will require days of down time.

As a result, the training solution is placed on hold for the time being and the staff continues to place a bandage on the issue. Everyone is hopeful that the current breakneck pace will slow down to accommodate the much-needed training, but no one believes that will happen anytime soon.

We are a nation of driven people, fighting to accomplish our goals while trying to minimize the plethora of electronic distractions coming at us from the very devices we carry with us 24/7. Disruption is the new inefficiency monster.

Enter the Dunbar Virtual Training (VT) System. It is a web-based, interactive, virtual training and communication platform that has been developed, enhanced, and perfected for over 17 years. It tracks, monitors, and measures everything the user does, and has built in real time reporting and notification features. It is available 24/7 on laptops, tablets and smart phones. Our courses are interactive modules that can be accessed anytime, day or night, making it the least disruptive training tool on the market today.

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