Virtual Training (VT)

Transform Your Training and Develop Leaders

Are you providing your employees with the tools to develop and grow? The long-lasting impact of effective workplace leadership should not be ignored. For many employees, leaders are not only there to provide guidance, but to act as role models and motivators, helping individuals to develop and become the best they can be.

Is Disruption Creating a Culture of Inefficiency in Your Organization?

We are a nation of driven people, fighting to accomplish our goals while trying to minimize the plethora of
electronic distractions coming at us from the very devices we carry with us 24/7.

Enter the Dunbar Virtual Training (VT) Platform. Our interactive, online learning platform provides the foundation for quickly creating and deploying a world-class training experience like no other.

The Dunbar Virtual Training (VT) Platform is a web-based, interactive, virtual training and communication platform that has been carefully developed, enhanced, and perfected for over 17 years, so that your organization can start to efficiently build a cohesive team of leadership through cultural alignment.

• Tracks, monitors, and measures individual users.
• Built-in, real-time reporting and notification features.
• Available on laptops, tablets and smartphones.
• 24/7 access to courses.

Set your team up for success by giving them the ability to train on their schedule, making the Dunbar Virtual Training (VT) Platform the least disruptive training tool on the market today!

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How Can the Virtual Training Course Help My Organization?

  • On Demand Virtual Training Platform
  • Productive Conflict Profile for each participant
  • Team View reports and one-on-one Comparison Reports
  • Participant handouts, take-away cards, and group activities
  • Facilitation training for your small group leaders
  • Online progress reports and reminder notifications
  • Course Workbook for in-depth group discussion
  • Follow along with Dr. Craig Overmyer and his book “Accelerate Thru Conflict – The Missing Conversations… Before It’s Too Late” that will guide you along your journey.
    • Discover how to raise the quality of conversations to accelerate thru conflict
    • Learn the Four STEP In-The-Moment Conversations™ method
    • Put into practice the Eight Accelerator Questions Guide