Course Outline

Dunbar Virtual Training (VT) Platform – Sample Course Outlines

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Team Members

Chapter 1 – Building the Foundation: 

Defining our values and our mission

This chapter builds the foundation for the track by having the participants look at what is important to them and their aspirations.

  • Review of Values
  • Personal Mission Statements
  • How to Put this Into Action


Chapter 2 – Finding balance in our life:

The Wheel of Life Exercise

Once mission and values are established, the Wheel of Life exercise helps guide participants in establishing priorities.

  • Overview of the Wheel
  • Setting parameters
  • Evaluation


Chapter 3 – Valuing our most precious resource:

Time Management

It’s not a shortage of time; it’s the allocation of time that dictates our circumstances.

  • Time as a resource
  • Tracking our days
  • Reviewing our time vs. our priorities


Team Leaders

Chapter 1: Mission

The real reason we come to work

This chapter lays the foundation for the program by guiding the leadership team through the process of developing departmental mission.  The rest of this course outlines strategies and processes to use this mission to support the organizational mission.

  • Why Mission Matters
  • Mission MUST be internalized
  • Everything communicates


Chapter 2: SMART Goal setting

Creating our compass

A desire without proper goal setting is just a wish.  This chapter guides the participants through the process of putting their personal and professional goals on paper.

  • Write it down
  • Goals vs. desires


Chapter 3: SMARTer Goals

Apollo 11 was off course over 99% of the time

No matter how hard we try, or how thorough we are in our goal setting process, from time to time, we have to make adjustments to our goals and plans.  The chapter helps participants go through the process quickly and efficiently.

  • What happened?
  • Was it the goal or the plan?
  • Making SMART changes